Scientific basis 

u-systcon is a made-up word that I created and stands for "systemic" and "constructivism" as well as the first letter of my first name.

In addition to system theory, a systemic attitude is based on constructivism, which was also developed in the social sciences and humanities. According to constructivism theory, our picture of the world does not correspond to truth, but to our construction of truth. Knowledge does not have to correspond to reality. Your own truth is just as valid as that of another person. Therefore, taking other points of view and changing perspective are of great importance for the further development of an individual.

Nothing is what it seems at first sight.

In a u-systcon training, we work with the inner team according to Prof. Dr. Friedemann Schulz von Thun, with elements from "Gestalt Therapy" as well as the voice dialogue method.

It is a holistic approach that also creates a new body awareness, which is why the program includes the points of healthy nutrition, fitness and well-being.