u-systcon fitness & well-being

"Fit & Beautiful", feeling good in your own body, feeling that you have done something for your own health. Muscle training or endurance sports, yoga, Pilates, aerobics, long walks outdoors, movement to music or any other sport - everything contributes to a pleasant body feeling, there is no specially suggested program. Variety is just as beneficial in fitness as in diet. Often it initially takes some effort, but the longer you stay with it, the less you want to miss your activities. Some people feel motivated by plans and pedometer apps, this is up to each individual. For example, if you check the curve of your pedometer app on your smartphone once a month or write your daily or weekly workout into your calendar - the overview can be motivating!

Relaxation - wellness - switching off from everyday life. From a facial massage to Detox, from the sauna or infrared cabin to meditation and colon cleansing. Here, too, there are no limits to the variety and there is no single miracle treatment. Whatever a person prefers to relieve stress, find inner peace and calm is suitable. Some things don't suit you, others feel fantastic. The conscious search for what is good for you and the practice of those favorite relaxation techniques is an ideal accompaniment to any personal change.

In the blog created for this chapter, suggestions and ideas are continuously published, from which each individual can put together an individual feel-good program.