My background and focus of a u-systcon training

I have a Master's degree (Business) with in-depth content in Supervision, Communication, Conflict Management & Mediation, Lecture & Training as well as a diploma in Systemic Coaching. Following the MBA, I studied Business Psychology at London Middlesex University. Currently I am working on a Phd degree and writing my dissertation on the topic "Selection of Austrian secondees for the establishment of international subsidaries, subject to processing key competencies and certain leadership qualities".
Also, besides my job as an executive in the finance department of a large Austrian company in the electric mobility industry, I am completing the study of psychology (supplemented by the specializations in the fields of psychology that go beyond business psychology) and the training as a psychological counselor (life and social counselor).

The u-systcon training I developed can be helpful in clarifying the following questions, among other things:

Would you like to make a decision?

Do you have a conflict and want to deal with it constructively?

Do you feel the need to develop yourself further?

Are you looking for professional support in a crisis situation?

Do you need communication clarification?

Are you wondering how to find or achieve a goal?

Are you stuck in a dilemma?

Would you like to reflect on perspectives and gain clarity?

Work-life balance, dealing with stress, time organization

Do you regularly feel dissatisfied or bored?

Do you feel tired and empty in search of fulfillment and want to shed some light on different areas of your life with someone?

Do you need professional orientation?

Would you like neutral support in relationship or partnership issues?

Would you like to recognize obstacles why you have not yet found the "right one"?

You can never say "no" and therefore not effectively set yourself apart?

Would you like to clarify any personal issues?