Buttermilk – self-made – WHY?


Apart from the high protein content and the micronutrients calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, vitamin B12 and zinc, buttermilk is produced by fermentation. This process generates useful lactic acid bacteria that strengthen the intestinal flora and the immune system.

After a fitness training it's best to consume protein to help your muscles grow. A glass of buttermilk also has the effect of getting minerals back. In addition, it does not contain any sugar or artificial sweeteners, as it is the case with protein drinks unfortunately.

Bones and teeth are strengthened by calcium, so that osteoporosis and caries are prevented.

If you replace milk in bakeries such as muffins or pancakes with buttermilk, they become a lot more fluffy and healthier.

A relaxing bath with the addition of one liter of buttermilk and a cup of honey is a good care for the skin in a natural way.

If you already have a yoghurt machine in use, you can also make buttermilk by yourself.

To do this, stir a sachet of buttermilk ferment into one liter of skimmed milk (1.5% fat content) and let it mature for 24 hours at 30 degrees.