Chinese WOK pan


Ingredients: 1 pack of Chinese noodles, 1 onion, 500 g of chicken or turkey slices, ½ cucumber, 1 stick of leek, 1 carrot, 1 glass of soybean sprouts, sesame oil, soy sauce, sweet chilli sauce, curry, turmeric, ginger, salt

Cook the Chinese noodles according to the instructions and pour off.

Heat the sesame oil in a WOK pan, fry the onion rings and the meat. Add a bit of soy sauce and sweet chili sauce, spice with salt, curry, turmeric and ginger. Cut the cucumber in the middle, remove the core and cut into small crescents. Cut the leek into rolls, cut the carrot into thin slices, add the soybean seedlings and cook everything until soft. Finally, mix in the pasta.