decision making


Often we are faced with a choice: A or B? Or B or A? And we go around in circles, unable to make a decision. We ask all our friends and family, are brooding over the matter, alone, we can't find a solution.

A u-systcon training starts exactly where the head doesn't know what to do and the body needs to be asked. According to Antonio Damasio, our memory of experiences shows us what is right and wrong for us in the form of body signals. We can feel signals of discomfort or strain in the imagination of doubtful situations as well as signals of joyful excitement or boredom.

In the u-systcon training it becomes clear that it doesn't always have to be either A or B. There might also be a way to achieve both, or you might realize that you don't want one or the other. You could suddenly consider a completely different alternative C that you hadn't even thought of before - and finally, you could become aware that you don't want to make a decision at the moment.