Problem solving and development in a u-systcon training


Everyone moves in different systems, such as family or work, and all systems are directly or indirectly related to one another. Every change to a part of the system automatically causes a change in the larger system. Therefore a u-systcon training can cause changes in the systems in which you move.

In systemic training, the focus is on developing solutions instead of focusing on the problems. Everyone has the resources to solve problems, the trainer helps to expose them and thus supports the client in arriving at an individual, coherent solution through specific questions.

The u-systcon training is a support process for people who want to develop professionally or privately, solve specific life questions, implement goals or resolve problems or topics.

The difference to advice:

During a consultation, the client describes his problem and receives proposed solutions based on the consultant's knowledge and experience. These suggestions often do not meet the needs of the client or take into account neither his resources nor his weaknesses or strengths. A u-systcon trainer helps the client to develop an individual solution that fully corresponds to his wishes, needs and possibilities. During the u-systcon training, those points are also taken into account in joint work, what exactly the client actually wants to change, how he can reconcile this with his everyday life, to what extent a change would be sensible, possible and implementable for him, you will not here sent home with a fixed plan.