The inner team in a u-systcon training


In a u-systcon training, various techniques are used to stimulate the client to find new viable ways and solutions independently. All ideas come from the client himself, which is why u-systcon training is fundamentally different from consulting. For example, the "inner team" according to Friedemann Schultz von Thun is used, or the Voice Dialogue method according to Hal and Sidra Stone.

The basic idea here is, that in any problem situation there are several voices in one person and some are screaming so loudly that others fall silent and cannot be heard. In the u-systcon training, voices can be heard that have remained unheard so far and this process shows new directions to the client that were originally so buried that they could never be considered.

At the same time, the meaning of the loud main voices is illuminated, because every behavior that a client uses is chosen to protect or preserve him from something.

The picture below is an example of which voices could speak up in a meeting on the subject of "jealousy" and in what form they are documented.