u-systcon nutrition


What I expressly distance myself from at this point is the creation of a new nutrition plan or a list of diet tips.

Since this is about a holistic concept in which psyche, mind and body should be in harmony, I would like to make general recommendations for a healthy lifestyle. Fast and tasty dishes are constantly presented in the blog, with the focus on non-industrially produced and low-sugar meals. All recipes published here were designed by myself and, of course, tried out.

It's not about one or the other super-food or even about counting calories or miraculous foods for weight loss, but about a generally healthy diet that contributes to well-being.

It is important to note that you neither eat too much nor too little, that you use the freshest possible ingredients, that the menu is varied, that you avoid trans fats and that you use sugar and salt sparingly.

Stress reduction and a balanced mood can be positively influenced by a healthy lifestyle with lots of fruit, vegetables, yogurt, buttermilk, nuts, whole grain bread, fish, first-class meat and high-quality oils.

Therefore, a valuable diet has a supportive effect in every change process that you strive for!