Walking & Music & Podcasts


If you don't necessarily want to destroy calories and lose weight, but prefer a uniformly and joint-protecting workout, walking is well advised.

The cardiovascular system is strengthened even if the intensity of jogging is not reached. Although it is a moderate motion, around 400 calories are burned in one hour, after half an hour the body falls back on its fat reserves.

What makes walking particularly healthy is the advantage that it is done in the fresh air. This allows more oxygen to be absorbed and previous signs of tiredness disappear. Tensions are released by strengthening the muscles and blood circulation.

If you want it a little more intense, you can also try power walking or interval walking.

Which form ever of this low intensity steady state training is preferred, listening to music or podcasts meanwhile can lead to even greater motivation and enjoyment than marching outdoors does per se.

If you choose to go walking between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. on a sunny day, you can also stock up on important vitamin D!